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We need commonsense reforms to

make our neighborhood more livable. I want

to see the Richmond live up to its promise

for everyone.

i am running a

campaign to put

the richmond first.

-David Lee

As supervisor, here will be david lee's priorities:

No New Taxes During COVID-19 Pandemic

David Lee is the only major candidate to oppose raising taxes! It makes no sense to raise people's taxes while there is rampant economic uncertainty, historic number of small businesses closing, and too many renters unsure of how they will make ends meet. Yet, City Hall leaders—and the other major candidates—support a variety of taxes that increase fees on small business owners, property owners, and even an increase to the sales tax! This is flat out bad judgment.

Build Affordable Housing and Protect Tenants

Building affordable housing in San Francisco is the top priority. Policymakers must stand up to real estate interests to require that developers construct new affordable units in exchange for being given permission to build. We need other out-of-the-box thinking that invests more in community land trusts, strengthens rent control protections, eliminates bad-faith evictions of tenants during the COVID-19 crisis, and creates more affordable housing ownership opportunities for our residents.

Jumpstart Our Economy  

We need to make the environment easier for small businesses to succeed in our major commercial corridors along Geary Boulevard, Clement Street, Balboa Street, and throughout the entire district. Our priority must be to stabilize neighborhood businesses and permit local merchants to re-open safely. We need to be creative in making sure to provide safe opportunities for economic growth. And, most importantly, we need to get people back to work!

Address the Homeless Crisis

There is nothing progressive or liberal about letting people suffer by living on our streets. It is inhumane and, despite massive funding, homelessness has only gotten worse in recent years. We must take proactive action to change the standards in our parks and on our streets so that everyone’s lives can improve. That starts with providing for more supportive housing for the unhoused, where service providers are right there on site.

Expand Healthy SF Options

Healthy San Francisco provides health care for uninsured San Franciscans. Unfortunately, only 4% of San Francisco residents enrolled in Healthy SF are from the Richmond. We need to expand this program to reach more tenants and working middle class people. By increasing enrollment, we provide more access to community clinics, health centers, and hospital clinics. Healthy SF covers primary and preventative care (including COVID-19 testing), emergency care, hospital care, mental health services, and drug and alcohol treatment.

Bring BART to the Richmond

Over 120,000 people travel to and from the Richmond to downtown every day. That is nearly twice the entire daily ridership of Caltrain, and more than a quarter of BART's total daily ridership. David is calling for a new BART line to the Richmond District. The creation of a new BART line will increase transportation options for our residents, create an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation and reduce our dependence on cars. As BART considers adding a second TransBay Tube, we need to make sure that extending BART to the Richmond is included in their plans to expand--and we need to leverage SF's own politicians who hold important roles as Governor and U.S. House Speaker--to make sure the funding is there to bring BART to the Richmond.

Equality for all and Increase Diverse Representation  

First off, Black Lives Matter—it is outrageous that, in 2020, the fight for basic civil rights is a continued struggle. As part of his lifelong mission, David Lee wants to see greater representation by minority residents on the various commissions, committees, and board within city governance. We need more African American, Latino, Asian, and Native American voices. We need more L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ representation, more seniors, more veterans, and more leaders from religious minorities and the disabled community to lend their voices and experiences on these boards to achieve more robust representation.

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